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Erschwingliche Alternativen zur Schädlingsbekämpfung

Everyday pests are annoying, sometimes difficult to control, and you need to get the help of a pest control professional. Here are some recipes you can use to deal with those uninvited visitors and keep them at bay until more help arrives.


Ants, one of the most powerful insects on earth, besiege households in search of food crumbs. Ants are deterred by the scent of cucumber. Place cucumber pods near the holes that ants can scurry past. Bitter cucumbers are the most effective against them.


The first line of defense against these prehistoric critters is to keep your kitchen clean and tidy. After that, you can drop bay leaves near areas where you will store your food. However, this method of deterrence will not kill the pesky cockroaches. This is a great natural alternative to toxic chemicals that could irritate family members.


Mosquitoes are just the worst. They are the harbingers of disease in the air as they infect millions of people around the world every year. Garlic is an excellent mosquito repellent. All you have to do is mix the garlic juice and water in a small spray bottle. When the mixture is ready, spray it on your bare body. This simple solution lasts up to 6 hours.

House flies

House flies are a common pest in most households. The easiest way to keep house flies away is to keep your space clean. Mint works as a natural repellent. Mash the mint and store it in small bags that you can put at home. This can serve as a form of aromatherapy. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to catch a few flies, you can mix ¼ cup sugar, honey, and water together. Combine the mixture over high heat and cook well. Then, dip a sheet of paper and watch the flies get caught.

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