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Grundlegende Regeln des Verpackungsdesigns, an denen Profis leiden

Statistics from the Food Market Institute show that the average supermarket in the United States contains around 40,000 different goods. The $ 600 billion industry is heavily dependent on consumers, manufacturers, retailers, and graphic designers. In fact, as a graphic design discipline, product packaging is an industry in itself. A credible design agency employs highly talented graphic designers who focus exclusively on building strong brands through branding and packaging design. This demanding area of ​​design requires more than a keen eye. Here are some of the rules a designer should follow when creating packaging designs:

Simplicity and clarity: If you choose any shelf in the supermarket, browse products, ask yourself what brand is behind it and what the product does, you will find these answers for most products in less than four seconds, what is the average time that a consumer pretends to be on the shelf for a specific product. Hence, the number one rule is to be clear about the brand and the product. Identify the product in terms of content, brand and use in the packaging.

Authenticity and honesty: the heart of every great brand is character, originality and memorability. To make your brand stand out, you need to be authentic and different. A good designer uses creativity and exploration to come up with authentic packaging designs for different brands. Honesty is also important when it comes to packaging. By displaying the product five times better than it actually is, you are misleading and disappointing consumers, which ultimately leads to poor branding and sales.

Practicality: This includes the actual size, shape function of the product container or box, not just the packaging or label. The more practical the product, the more people will buy it. Practicality is often overlooked, but it goes a long way towards increasing sales.

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