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Top-Technologien, die Ihnen helfen können, jeden Tag ein bisschen gesünder zu leben

Technology is something that we often think is bad for our health. For example, computers and video games often blame our relative inactivity, while we blame televisions and other devices for damaging our eyes. Then there is the attitude …

Increasingly, however, technologies are being developed that are not only healthier but are also developed with health in mind. There is a growing desire from many people to improve their quality of life by improving their health, and the use of technology seems like a great way to do it. In theory, these technologies can help us become healthier and more comfortable without drastically changing our lifestyle, capturing more information that will help us make better health decisions, and generally connecting more with our bodies .

Health technology was a fast growing industry back then, so let’s take a look at some of the most exciting devices on the market today that can help you be much healthier every day.

Fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are devices designed to keep track of our activity level throughout the day, as well as various other statistics. These can measure things like our steps, calories burned, exercise, and even heart rate, but they differ in terms of quality and performance.

At the simplest end of the spectrum, you have devices like the Jawbone UP and Fitbit that monitor steps during the day and sleep at night. The extended options now include the Microsoft Band, which also has a heart rate monitor and a display for receiving incoming messages. The Gear Fit is another similar option that offers some of the benefits of a smartwatch in addition to basic health tracking.

More exciting, however, are some of the gadgets on the horizon. These include trackers that have smarter algorithms to recognize when we are swinging or swimming a golf club, and the exciting Jawbone UP3, which contains “Bioimpedenec sensors” to measure skin conductivity. This should enable us, in addition to the usual activity tracking, to passively monitor our heart rate, our fluid intake and even our stress level throughout the day.

Smart toothbrushes

Bet you never knew your toothbrush was stupid? Good compared to these “smart toothbrush” models! A smart toothbrush is a brush that uses a Bluetooth connection that allows you to register your precise movements while brushing your teeth. That way, you can then get tailored advice from an app telling you which areas of your mouth you are missing, whether to brush harder or gentler, and much more. This is recommended by many dentists these days and can be especially helpful for children who may not brush as well as they could be!

Daylight lamps

Daylight lamps are lamps that produce light that is more similar in wavelength to sunlight than your average desk lamp. This then means that you can be woken up to light that feels much more natural and creates a release in the body of neurotransmitters and hormones similar to cortisol to help you wake up.

In the morning, models like the Lumie Starter 30 wake you up by gradually getting lighter and lighter, mimicking the effect of a sunrise and waking you up in a much more gradual and natural way. This is much better than being woken up by a sudden ringing or buzzing noise that is wrongly creating too much stress hormone!

These are just a few examples of gadgets that can help you make your lifestyle a little healthier. There are many more and we can expect a number of similar devices in the future. Technology could save our health in the end!

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