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Wählen Sie eine Küchenspüle für Ihr Traumhaus

If you are planning to sell your house in the future, it is worth investing in a good kitchen by equipping it with high quality modern or classic equipment. Carefully consider the kitchen cabinet and sink that will best fit your kitchen, taking into account the style of the home (i.e. classic or modern, contemporary style). Kitchen cabinets and sinks provide an eye catcher that is looked at every time a person walks into the kitchen and affects the aesthetics and feel of the home. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a kitchen sink include:

• Countertop

It is important to consider the countertop before deciding on a kitchen sink. The choice should depend on the material of the countertop. Countertops made of artificial material, wood, concrete or natural stone are well suited for a built-in sink. Many of the custom kitchens have “tile” edged sinks that work with tiled surfaces. On the other hand, self-contained built-in sinks complement any worktop material. However, they have raised lips which, depending on the sink material, often make cleaning difficult.

• Sink materials

There are a variety of materials that are used to design sinks, with each type of material meeting different needs. Some of the most popular sink materials are stainless steel, quartz silicate, chamotte, enameled cast iron, and solid surface. Stainless steel sinks are popular because they can withstand a lot of pressure and abuse. Quartz silicate and solid surface offer better scratch resistance properties. Enamelled cast iron is recommended because of its endless choice of glossy colors. On the other hand, solid fireclay, while durable, comes in limited color choices.

• Design

You can optimize your workspace with a variety of options, including the location of the faucets and drains, the depth of the basin, and other accessories. It is important to determine who will be using the faucet. So if you are interested in a sink with an integrated pull-out shower head, consider whether a right or left handed person is the best option, as extra pressure on the hose can cause problems with the faucet.

Sinks with off-center taps offer a large interior space. Drains positioned at the rear offer more pool space. Extra deep bowls are ideal for soaking large pots. Many sinks come with practical accessories such as drain baskets, sieves and cutting boards.

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